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In more practical terms Mercury now direct in your 2nd house along with Mars brings some relief to straightened cash situation, however Mars can tend to spend as soon as you make it — so keep that in mind and try to economise on the extras as you catch up on outstanding bills.

Mars lifts your spirit and gives you improved energy too. The big identity crisis wrought by the New Moon eclipse 2 weeks ago clears to reveal the shining path ahead. Enjoy this time of you-and-I and for solo Lions who would like to be paired up — a good time to get insight on not just what you need but what you can bring to a future partner. As he moves into the 2nd house of income and resources you can expect a little boost there too — a reward for all the sensible reconsideration of your direction in life you undertook this year.

The Full Moon sparkles brightly in your 6th house of health and healing. You look good on the job and are enjoying your time there too. Mars brings you the courage and vigour to move forward from here — take his assistance and move past those feelings into a state of peaceful clarity. You are arriving at a place of greater harmony with all the stuff you believe and have been doing with your life up until this point.

This has been hard work but, productive. It can take you a long time to make your mind up.

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Once you do — it is a fait accompli. The Full Moon brings creative vibes and romance to your 5th house of love and fun. Mercury direct clears his head and gets to work with Mars in your 11th house of friendships and brings rewards from your efforts in your career you kicked off at the last full moon. This Full moon invites you to clear your head of limited perspectives about yourself and doubts that undermine your profound abilities.

Make a go of it — now is a powerful time to climb to new heights and make a name for yourself in your work. Throw yourself into the efforts ahead of you and reap recognition you deserve further down the line.

Aquarius April 2019 Monthly Horoscope - True Sidereal Astrology

The issue for you is keeping at something before getting onto the next exciting thing. With Mercury direct aligned with Mars in your 9th house of the Quest, journeying and the big picture — you can rest assured you are still on track. Let the Merc retro musings find their place, recalibrate — and then get back into the adventure. Your ruler Jupiter leaves Virgo for Leo on September Full moon glows in your 3rd house of communication and ideas — your mindset brightens and you think laterally about how to solve the challenges you are facing.

Add 2 eclipses into the mix and a Mercury retrograde and we have a whole other you before us at this full moon. With your ruler Saturn readying to move after 2. Venus opposes your sign, in Cancer, sweetening your relationship and drawing you deeper into love. Mars and Mercury direct in your 8th house of intimacy and debt help you understand what you need to share and what you are willing to give to your beloved, and what you need to leave behind from your past to be you — right now — in all your potential.

Aquarians are attuned to a different rhythm and bring their wisdom to the cause of all — truly individual but devoted to the common good — this Full moon invites you to engage deeply with your personal destiny. Mars and Mercury direct oppose the Full moon and move through your 7th house of partnerships and relationships. Clear insight, dissatisfaction with where the boundaries lie and potential conflict that arises from these insights can overshadow the recent progress in your significant relationships.

Ketu has now left Aquarius bringing his liberating power to your unconscious mind and turning your mind to the deeper spiritual dimensions of your life. With the Full Moon in Aquarius you are invited to see what remains about who you thought you were and then breathe new life into your identity and appearance in the world.


Your vivid dreams speak in symbol and story to the greater mythos of your life. Mars and Mercury direct in your 6th house of health and healing bring recovery and resilience to your health but can agitate on your day-job. Jupiter your ruler is leaving your 7th house of partnerships taking the focus from you-and-them to the intimate aspect of the relationship, shared resources and the private sphere of life. Venus aspects your sign bringing grace and feeling to your 5th house of romance and creativity making this full moon cycle a dreamy time laden with emotive experiences. She has over 13 yrs experience as a reader.

Why is that? I want to be able to look at the sky at night and see the planets in the constellations they are in, right now. Not a theoretical calculation.

Sidereal and tropical astrology

Under the tropical Aries lies the Pisces. As example, people having the Pisces constellation over the 11 th house most of the time will participate or be surrounded by people having a strong notion of defending their territory, like gangs. Under the tropical Taurus lies the constellation of the Aries. Under the tropical Gemini lies the Taurus. Gemini is said to talk to everyone to communicate superficially. Under the hood, we find Mars and the sidereal Taurus. Remember, the symbol is a loop, something we start over and over again.

As a result, there will be real technicity and mastery into the art of how to engage conversation with the other something a lot of us crave for. Notion of improvement and repetition led me to give it the 6 th inner house of focus and pulling actions. One that cannot achieve anything alone. This permanent need to be surrounded and have interlocutors is why I gave Gemini constellation the 7 th inner house of otherness. Under the Leo we find the Cancer constellation. The Cancer constellation, is about toughness, barriers between inside and outside.

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The translation of it into an outer behavior will be the shiny Leo on stage. This may seem Leo from the outside. The quality here is simple. As for sure the sidereal Cancer will gladly be the stage performer tropical Leo.

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Fear of the stage is when you see your energy pulled out of your body by the attention other do pay to you when you enter the stage. Sidereal Cancer is rarely affected by this phenomenon… So he will perform right ok without feeling too much of it. But outside what you see is a visible sunny Leo. This sense of the limits and barriers is the reason why I gave Cancer the 8 th house of sex, limits, physical decay, death and confrontation.

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  5. The notion of pain and exemplarity comes from somewhere close to Chiron, and the need for preparation before manifestation is depicted within the Leo symbol the circle is preparation, the wave behind is the impressive action that follows. Here I have complied a list of sources to get you started on your own journey to learning more about Sidereal Astrology and your Sidereal Chart. Mercury stations direct in 2 Degrees of Sidereal Scorpio on December 6th, just in time to join the New Moon on December 7th bringing us a burst of new energy.

    With a square to Mars in Aquarius, we called on to face our pasts with honesty and ensure our own survival.

    Sun in Aquarius

    Having your Moon in Virgo is about a lot more than being nit-picky and hard to please. Tag: sidereal astrology Infographics venus. Venus Signs. By madisonlouise on December 25, Posted in: astrology , infographic , planets , relationships , sidereal astrology , venus , venus signs. By madisonlouise on December 7, December 7,