Leo horoscope for march 5

It may be tough, but listen, validate, and allow them to express their anger.

They may need to vent to move on. Allow yourself the ability to not be perfect and to not have every second of the day planned.

Today’s Horoscope : Tuesday, 3 December

These next few days are all about embracing the unknown. You have a pretty great situation right now, and the more you realize that and embrace your current life, the better. You pride yourself on your bluntness, but it may be too much for some friends or colleagues. Mute your message a bit, and feel much more confident that people are receiving it the way you intended. Use this skill wisely. Your mediation skills could bring you to the next level in your career, among other things. This is a week to consider and research all options, next week is good to winnow down and actually make a decision.

What March's Leo Horoscope Means for You

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Leo Tarot Forecast February 27 Thru March 5, 2017

Once you have managed to get your head round the issue you will realize that the confusion was largely your own fault. Next time, see what is actually there, not what you want to see. What happens over the next few days will make it abundantly clear that you need to think again about a situation that you thought had been written in stone.

Don't be afraid to admit you made a mistake and then go back to an earlier plan. It seems you don't have much choice about what you are required to do, so get on and do it with a happy face and make the best possible job of it. Remember Leo, it's not just about what you want, it's about what other people want, too. What you do for yourself this week will bring you much more enjoyment than what other people do for you. By creating something with your head and your hands you will remind certain people that you are more than just a pretty face.

Do you avoid seeking a solution to a long-running problem in the hope that it will eventually resolve itself, or do you get your act together and do something decisive? You know the answer Libra, so stop skirting the issue and start fighting. If you have been uncertain how to handle a tough situation that uncertainty should disappear quite quickly over the next few days.

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Looking back you will realize that you allowed yourself to be confused by listening to too many conflicting opinions. At some point this week you will realize that a routine you have grown used to is now way out of date and needs to be changed. If you stay in the past Sag you'll get left in the past, so wise up and then get your act up to date. If there is something you have been thinking about starting without actually doing much about it there is still time to get on with it. But not much time. Resolve today to be more direct in your methods, then follow your instincts and act on them.

The doubts and fears of recent weeks are about to be swept away and you will realize that so many of the things you were worrying about were not worth the time or the energy. In future, be more positive. Control your mind, don't let it control you.

Daily Horoscope for Monday, March 5

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